Advanced Peanut Ball Techniques: Lowering Cesarean Births with Positioning with Amy Bookwalter, Amy Emerson

**Extra Costs: $60.00

In this extended three hour workshop, those new to the peanut ball will learn how to use this simple tool to progress labor and experienced birth professionals will expand their knowledge. In this highly interactive workshop, participants can practice techniques and learn new advanced positions developed 2015. You’ll learn the latest research and doulas who work in hospitals that are not allowing peanut balls learn the whys of the restrictions and diplomatic ways to break down these barriers.


Participates will be able to:

  • Recall the research evidence related to using the peanut ball
  • Identify contraindications for the peanut balls use
  • Determine the correct size of peanut ball for client in different peanut ball positions
  • Differentiate which peanut ball positions to use in relation to where the baby is in the pelvis
  • Propose diplomatic ways to break down barriers in hospitals that are not allowing peanut balls.
  • Demonstrate correct positions using the peanut ball.