Playing Monopoly with God & Other True Stories with Melissa Bangs

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In September 2012, at 40 years old, Melissa Bangs gave birth to her beautiful daughter Adelaide.  A month later, dramatically hormone depleted and sleep deprived, Melissa was admitted to the Providence Psychiatric Facilities in a complete manic state.  After nearly a month, she was sent home with a bipolar diagnosis and on lithium.  What comes next is an extraordinary journey back to wholeness, back to love.

On her journey back to wholeness, one of the things Bangs did was read her entire 100 plus page hospital record.  Somewhere, around page 87, there was a nurse’s note that looked as if it were scribbled late at night after a long shift.  It read, “Patient says she will do comedy on this experience.”  Upon reading this, Bangs laughed out loud.

The psych team couldn’t have possibly known that Bangs had been a storyteller her entire life and did comedy for a stint, as a student, at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade in New York City. They couldn’t have known that transforming a few details and layers of the most painful experience of her life into a room full of laughter would prove healing for so many.

Bangs is clear that Playing Monopoly with God & Other True Stories is not comedy. It’s wildly funny. It’s deeply sad. It’s chaotic and mysterious. It’s life.

Join Melissa for an evening of true stories full of bewilderment, chaos and hilarity.  Bangs has a knack for telling true stories that cut to the bone of our shared, vulnerable human condition. Her true gift, however, comes in the moments in which she’s able to strip away the shame or agony of an experience and transform the room into an uproar of laughter.