The Doula Business Makeover: Simple but Powerful Updates for All Stages of Your Doula Business with Alice Turner

**Extra Costs: $60.00

Doesn’t your business deserve a makeover? Join this hands-on workshop and learn strategies to take your business from okay to extraordinary.  Participants will learn how to streamline their business, harness the power of technology and much more.  Bring a laptop and be ready to take action.  We won’t just be learning concepts.  We will be implementing them too.


  • Describe a current challenge in your current business
  • Define streamlining as it relates to running a business
  • Give 2 examples of how streamlining can be used in your doula business
  • Describe how you will implement streamlining in our business
  • Describe how you will implement the use of new technology in your business

Alice Turner is in her 11th year as a doula and her sixth year as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  She began her entrepreneurial journey of helping doulas reach their goals in 2009. As the owner of YourDoulaBag, Alice loves to find ways that doulas can make the running of their doula business easier, more effective and more fun.